Oregon Governor Forbids State Employees From Aiding ICE Agents – Formally Declares Oregon A Sanctuary State

In a move that is only surprising to those who know nothing about Oregon politics, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has officially declared Oregon to be a Sanctuary State for all illegal aliens.

Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday issued an executive order that forbids all state agencies and employees from helping federal immigration officials locate or apprehend undocumented immigrants.

“We will not retreat,” she said.

Just looking for attention, and what is seen by many as a misguided attempt to appease the protesters that plague Portland, Kate Brown made a gesture.

Oregon State Law already forbids state and local law enforcement agencies from using public resources to find or arrest those whose only crime is being in the country without proper documentation, Brown’s order goes a step further in solidifying the state’s sanctuary status by expanding the law to all agencies.

The governor’s order also makes it illegal for state agencies to discriminate based on immigration status, and forbids state agencies from using public resources to help create a religious registry.

“We have heard threats of a Muslim registry at the federal level,” Brown said. “I don’t know how sincere these threats are, but I want to be absolutely clear: We will not participate.”

It is important to note that Governor Kate Brown does not speak for the state of Oregon. She speaks for the city of Portland and Salem. The rest of the state adamantly opposes her and her destructive policies. So please, do not judge the entire state of Oregon by the actions of the fools who run the state.

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Robert is an avid outdoorsman who loves hunting, fishing, and just being out in the woods! He is a father of 3 and is married to the most wonderful woman he has ever met! He became obsessed with politics in Desert Storm as he witnessed congress successfully blackmailing the president into stopping a war before it was finished and has been a staunch conservative ever since.


  1. Good to know we can bypass Oregon as a state to visit. Since I am not afforded equal protection as a citizen of the United States. Oregon would rather protect criminals than American citizens.

      • I grew up in Oregon and all I see is she trying to protect people. You can call her all the names you want but a harbor for people is not a bad thing and Oregon has always been that kind of place.

        • Any goverment or law pffical that refuses to to uphold the law should be tried and convited. She stood before the state put her hand on thr bible and swore as all other police to uphold the law. That includes fedral law. And if she doesnt she needs to be removed from office. And yes it is bad. She is breaking the law for one and aiding know felons. That is a crime as well

          • Quick Question…. Show me where in the Constitution it says we need to allow anyone and everyone into the country? I would love an explanation as to the basis of that comment if I could get one please?

          • I agree! We should lock up any elected official who breaks federal law.

            I assume we’re starting with Trump?

          • Quick question Robert Zerfing: show me in the Constitution, the U.S Code, or anywhere else where it says that we must use our state resources to enforce federal immigration laws? You do realize that, according to that same Constitution, immigration is the exclusive domain of the federal government, right? Apparently not. And do you realize that Gov. Brown’s statement and the existing statutes she’s referring to do not for one second prevent the federal government from entering the state and enforcing those laws any time they like, right? Apparently not.

            This is what I love the most about you people: you’re all, “States’ rights! States’ rights!” And then when an actual, for real states’ rights issue comes to the table, you’re like, “Yes sir, thank you sir, please send in the feds to slap the hands of those naughty states, please.”

            Blatant hypocrisy.

          • Oh please princess! Lmfao.. Your ignorance overflows…
            She PROHIBITS state and local officials from AIDING federal agents Cupcake. She couldn’t stop federal agents if she wanted to.. That’s not being debated by anyone who has basic reading comprehension skills… Which you obviously do not… As for state rights? That’s why we aren’t complaining about the pot issue… The PEOPLE voted and so it is what it is… Some tramp who was elected by one metro area dictating that they will ignore federal law and create a Sanctuary for felons has nothing to do with nor falls under the umbrella of “States Rights” snowflake.. Unfortunately you’re not bright enough to understand that most basic concept either. It is a shame.

          • You are absolutely right, get rid of trump first, the governors of Washington, Oregon, and California are doing the right thing by following the real constitution of the US, not the imaginary one that trump uses.

          • You need to get some education. She did not swear to uphold any laws. She swore to uphold the constitution of the US and Oregon. She has not violated her oath and in fact is upholding the constitution in its purest form.

          • Just another C.U.N.T. (Can’t understand normal thinking). It is very obvious to myself and a shit load of other she needs to be thrown in jail and should be tried and most likely convicted of TREASON! Then relieved of her position of Governor!!

          • do you also applaud the fact theres thousands of homeless people in Oregon cause the prices are to high to afford a home of there own but yet the refugees can get one ..I agree we need to fix our problems before you fix someone elses she don’t care about that ! I was homeless for 2 years in Oregon .. with 3 kids I had to move out of Oregon to find a house i can afford!

          • PR Randy you are a fucking moron. The Constitutional power for the federal government, and not the states, to control immigration policies and laws comes from interpretations of Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 3 and 4, of the Constitution. Failed civics much

        • I am embarrassed say I’m from california.ive been here for 44 years.ive watched my small town and near by city turn into a cesspool of crime because of ILLEGAL immigrantion.i am trying to get out off this sickening state.im headed to Oregon and hoping that oregon doesn’t make the same mistake as california.signed concerned blue collar worker with no wright’s or voice in West coast america.

          • There are a lot of brilliant people on this list, get rid of all the immigrants. Start with all those who came to these shores after 1500. I wonder if Scotland will take me back?

          • You’re a hypocrite! Let me see Blue Collar worker, who washed and dried your car the last time you could afford it? You didn’t refuse service at your local restaurant the last time you ate there cause the people working in the kitchen were Mexican and most dish washers are undocumented. You didn’t refuse to buy the inexpensive fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store cause they were most likely picked by undocumented migrant workers. On and on and on. No, you’re just blaming the crime on those same hard workers cause it’s convenient to do so and it justifies your voting for tRump. No, don’t use Mexicans to justify your stupidity nor your racist rants!

          • Jorge L. Parra I got 5 bucks says you ain’t never lived in an area over run by illegals….. so here’s an answer to you ignorance….. my small town was over run after katrina…. the last person that washed or dried my car was my SON … too much of my paycheck goes for taxes to afford to get a paid one…. and around here it’s a damn machine that does the work, only human involved is the guy that directs you between the tracks, restaurants??? last I checked no waitresses at Hardees, but the person that took my order at the drive up was a black woman and the one that handed me my food was a white male teen….. around here, all the good jobs go to the illegals, construction sites full of non english speaking illegals, the only good paying company in town is Howards industries, look it up jerk off the site of the biggest ice raid in history, 600 illegals arrested that day…. 1500 whites in line for the jobs the next day…. less then a month later they were all back and they were all back in their former jobs….. don’t tell me what you think you know…. I DO KNOW, I LIVE IT EVERY DAY, they turned my once sweet neighborhood into a nasty ass mexican road, with chickens, goats, and geese running the streets. How long has it been since you was kept up all night by the horrendous beating of mexican music being blasted full volume all night long, while drunks are throwing bear bottles and shouting, and when they’re having a really good time they’re shooting guns just for the fun of it????

            AND FYI for all you idiots saying this b*tch is doing nothing wrong and that she’s upholding the constitution in it’s purest form….. what kind of stupid are you???? THEY ARE ILLEGALS ALIENS!!!! THE KEY WORD BEING ILLEGAL, they are not here LEGALLY…. it’s called HARBORING A FUGITIVE … against the law to harbor someone that has committed a crime (ILLEGAL ALIEN!!= ENTERING THE COUNTRY WITHOUT PROPER DOCUMENTATION!!!)
            By the way, Trump has already said federal funding will be cut off to all sanctuary cities LOL hope Oregon is on firm financial ground….

          • I feel the same. Ashamed to be from California where a bunch of no good liberals run the government.

        • No actually Oregon historically has been the most right Wing racist white state in the country.First thing was black people couldn’t move here when Oregon was founded it was a crime.We were also the national headquarters for the KkK in the early 19s 1900-about 1920.We are one of the least diverse states even now.

          • You really don’t know much about Oregon do you? It’s been a Liberal cesspool since the early 80s after all the hippies moved in from California.

        • Your right she is nowa harboring criminals,murders,drug addicts,sex offenders,that are also illegal so glad I left that state it is worse now then it was before why don’t you guys become your own country so you guys can be a Sanctuary country

        • It is wrong to harbor people who are here illegally. These people are taking services that you and other tax payers are footing the bill for. It may not bother you, but others may not want their tax dollars going towards illegal immigrants. Let them apply for citizenship and go through the correct channels to gain citizenship. If they truly want to be here for the right reasons, is that too much to ask of them?

        • Well when the federal Government cuts all your funding then we will see how long she sticks to this b.s. Maybe Oregon will be the next place of terrorist attack then you just might change your damn tune😂

        • its not a matter of calling her names etc, it called allowing illegals access to my tax dollars and my social security to live off of. what am I going to live off of in 10 years? that is when I am supposed to retire but who can retire on $500 a month? I am a single person and do not have that second income to help me out and have been on my own for 25 years. According to the government I have to wait until i am 72 yrs old to get $1200/mo. go figure. So, if you want immigrants YAY!! thats perfectly fine. Why? BECAUSE THEY DID IT THE RIGHT WAY THEY ARE LEGAL. ship illegals OUT OF THE US OR YOU PAY FOR THEM.

        • I’m very proud to be an Oregonian for this reason and others. This has always been our way – well, since 1987, and there are some very good reasons for keeping it this way. There may be a price, but I won’t trade other rights of the most vulnerable among us for blood money. Thank you, Governor Brown.

      • When your argument consists solely of a name calling attack, you lose all credibility. Your lack of intelligence is all that is seen.

        • Pat maybe you could start the intellectual discussion? When you call someone stupid is that not name calling? So pray tell, lets see your genius.

      • What is about people on the far right it seems that none of them can muster an argument without sewing, cussing and attacking the person not their ideas and opinions? Sorry I forgot they mostly learnt their politics watching Nazi rallies and cooking fried chicken at KKK BBQ’s not at universities. Sorry but you ignorance is not the moral political or moral equal of a good education.

          • Ok i have had enough of all this bull shit let me tell you something u lil piece of shit first of all please shut the FUCK UP all i see is all white people hating on every single race besides ur own ok if anything white people are colored u fuckers turn blue pruple yellow red green almost all the colors of a white man getting his ass beat when you talk that trash to someones face when u have no idea what the crazy mutha fucka will do to you you say your country well you seem to forget that native americans owned this land you say you discovered this land twll me how do u discover something a mutha fucka already discovered your ancesters came in killed them all then migrated african americans here like cattle nd sold them as slaves showed them nothing but hate your whipped them beat them raped them killed them treated them lower then garbage got ur cops killing african kids nd u wonder why africans hate white people thats why u got no one to blame but yourself for that shit if u wanna blame someone blame ur family ndnwhat they have taught you cuz they didnt teach you that jesus is from isreal nd that everyone is human we all bleed we are breathe we all have hearts we have dreams of a peaceful life but how can we have peace if everyone that is human on this fucking planet hates eachother due to race and color and decent like wtf we are all eaqual just because ur a diff color does not mean we are not human we share the same fucking air we dont truly own shit in this world god owns it all who are we to say we are better then anyone else who lives nd breaths nd bleeds they are the same as us maybe not in skin tone or personality or looks but we are the same simply because we are all human in my book everyone deserves to be treated equal in my book Fuck politics imagine if there was no politics anywhere in the world but we all got along no wars no hatred of color or race imagine if white people did things diff in the past like make america the state of all nations where every race can live together and prosper in peace like if whites were to come in and make peace with the natives what if they went to africa nd offered to show them a new life in america without being judged by his skin color nd race where everyone got along and made their dreams come true things could have been diff nd better if we all were not at eachothers throats face it its time for a better change america is supposed to be the place where everyone can live out their dreams in peace dont that sound way better than killing eachother nd hating eachother

          • First of all princess… Would you like me to show you my native card? All I see are a bunch of victims who have nothing to complain about in this country but only take everything that this country has to offer for granted. If you ever want to get an education so that you can talk like a human being? I will gladly point you in the direction of any financial aid office of your choosing. And you wanna talk like your opinion matters? How about trying not to be so illiterate and ignorant? You blame white people for slaves? Learn some history!! You’re the idiot who is making something about race. Us “right wingers” are making it about the LAW!! It has nothing to do with Mexican Illegals alone.. It also includes Russian Illegals! Chinese Illegals! And the PLETHORA of other colors and nationalities who are here illegally!! You’re seriously stupid enough to think people can go to Africa and not be judged by their race? Google White Genocide that’s CURRENTLY going on in Africa right now moron. Seriously… I can’t believe I’m actually responding to someone as astoundingly ignorant as you are… Thanks for making me waste 3 minutes of my life on trash like this.. LoL

          • Odonis what is the matter with you?? Have you been knocked in the head too many times??? Your rant made less then no sense at all…. so you hate white people… the typical racist remarks coming from the BLM movement…. no one is listening because you’re not intelligent enough to listen, you’re too busy being hateful, screaming obscenities at someone just because of the color of their skin. You hate just to hate and to justify sitting with your thumb up your ass, sucking off society, and if your post is any indication your criminal behavior…. so sit in your cesspool of hate and disgust but do the world a favor and just shut up until you can speak with a civil tongue in your mouth

          • Odonis, really? I read a lot of posts and replies on here. So far the only person I’ve seen leaving a pic is Robert. So if all you see is white people, perhaps it’s you who is racist.

            There’re a lot of responses I wanted to make while reading yours, but yours was so long and difficult to read (since I’m not fluent in ebonics) that I forgot most of it. So, let’s just sum this up with a few history lessons, shall we?

            English immigrants came peacefully to this continent and we’re welcomed by the natives with open arms. With the help of our native allies, they formed the first 13 colonies which later became known as America. Also, with the help of the native’s politics, they created what is now known as The Constitution. The Spaniards came to this continent as conquerors (conquistadors), killing, raping, and enslaving the natives, and later went on to create what is now known as Mexico(that’s why their primary language is Spanish).

            The Dutch were cowards. They always turned and ran when it came to fighting. They only fought when cornered. They also took slaves wherever they could get away with it. English slaves, French slaves, Spanish slaves, Italian slaves, Irish slaves, Arabic slaves. They weren’t racist, but since they were wanted in every port, they turned their attention to Africa. Guess what they found there? BLACK PEOPLE KILLING AND ENSLAVING BLACK PEOPLE. They also found that these black people were willing to SELL their slaves, LIKE CATTLE, for little more than a handful of beads.

            Here’s a few more bits of history, just in case you were interested:

            The first slaves sold in America were Irish.

            The first slave owner in America was black.

            The most ruthless and cruel slave owner in America was black.

            Originally, the law in America stated that slaves could be owned for a maximum of 7 years, after which they had to be freed. That ended when a black man went to the Supreme Court and fought for the right to keep his slaves indefinitely.

            One more bit of history before I wrap this up:

            The first self made millionaire in America was a black woman, the first in her family to be born free.

            So, let’s discuss how whites have been destroying your dreams ever since they “stole” you from Africa. Hmmm?

        • @ Davebarry: Umm I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news for the entire past year (or ever judging by your comment that exudes intelligence), but it was actually the LEFTIST communists who were doing the very things you describe!!

          It was the communist LIBERALS who were attacking anyone with Trump signs/hats, and even assaulting their own before he was even president. Not to mention all the other innocents who paid the price..small business owners, cars and buildings being burned down, looting, stealing etc, all while holding “Love Trumps Hate” signs.

          And more recently, you can add the UC Berkeley pandemonium to the list of the plethora of chaos caused by ignorant people such as yourself, because they were upset that Milo Yiannopoulos was going to express his 1st Amendment right (PS: it’s called FREE SPEECH in case you’re not familiar with the Bill of Rights). What’s more, they’re all calling Milo a “white supremacist” and a “Nazi” when for one, he’s gay (not that it matters what his gender is, but in this case it does), secondly, he’s also part Jewish, and third, not a “rich, old guy” who insults anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Sounds like the opposite to me..no wonder you communists are so scared of him. He’s a “paradox” in their minds and their brains cannot compute this.

          Of course, when you yell and call OTHERS by those derogatory names, it must mean you’re nothing like them, right?

          You’re such a hypocrite. Go read a book, watch unbiased media (not the ones which report things out of context or only show partial truths (which is just another form of lying)) and for Pete’s sake, stop spreading misinformation. While I agree that Neo-Nazis and the KKK are evil people, it’s those like you our nation should be worried about.

          Don’t believe me? At least I can provide FACTS to back up my statements. Here you go, enjoy!


        • Lol, Barry seems to think that all Americans that attend college are intelligent and those that don’t are sub par in his eyes. I was born and grew up in Oregon, it wasn’t a bad place to live in the 40’s 50’s 60’s,, what the heck happened. Barry you don’t look down on folks that never had the chance to go to college, they are good folks, hard workers, and salt of the earth. I assume you eat food provided by a farmer, maybe beef provided by a rancher, maybe salmon provided by a fisherman, get your automobile filled with fuel by a service station attendant. Barry you need to think about the education remark, it’s not what a native Oregonian would support.

        • I think there are some people on here that need some education on some basic facts about Democrats and Republicans. Well here are a few facts….Fact: The Ku Klux Klan was originally and primarily an arm of the Southern Democratic Party…Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress…Fact: The 14th Amendment, giving full citizenship to freed slaves, passed in 1868 with 94% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in congress. The 15th Amendment, giving freed slaves the right to vote, passed in 1870 with 100% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in congress…Fact: Contrary to popular misconception, the parties never “switched” on racism. The Democrats just switched from overt racism to a subversive strategy of getting blacks as dependent as possible on government to secure their votes. At the same time, they began a cynical smear campaign to label anyone who opposes their devious strategy as greedy racists….http://russp.us/racism.htm
          My point in all of this is that I think that people need to get educated on what they actually believe in and support. Voting republican is actually by far the way to vote and for everyone out there that thinks that the Right(conservatives) are the racists, hate mongering, white privileged idiots…it is actually the other way around and the facts are there to prove it so easily!! As a Native Oregonian I hope that Trump defunds this liberal ass state… Kate Brown needs to be recalled so we can actually get somebody in that can turn this state around and actually balance a budget!

      • You have such eloquent language and I didn’t know that they had strippers on your state. You might want to clean up the language, or your John’s will be few.

      • Then get people to get her out of there or your state is going to become nothing but illegal criminals. No funding and your state will be taken over. Fight for your state and country. This is all the clintons s fault. Bush and obama are guilty too. People they have played us for so long . They don’t even know right from wrong anymore. Hillary and bill twisted every letter in a word to mean something it’s not..they have been lying stealing selling our morals to the highest bider. Even CBS ABC cnn all have donated to clintons to get whatever they want. Clintons s have let the dems make tons of money off us. Taking our s.s. and all are corrupted and not to be trusted
        What does this governor think is going to happen when she won’t have cops to take care of the legal americans and keep th safe? What about schools what is she going to do when rapes and murders are at a all time high? What about isis coming there and building another terrorist compound. She will wish she was for us Americans because I doubt the americans will be there for her. She is getting paid under the table by someone or she is insane

      • Also born and raised and I do not agree with her either. She needs to be kicked out of office and a New Governor appointed. She is only trying to quiet Salem and Portland protesters, which affects the rest of this damn state.

    • This is one of the reasons my husband and I will move in a year or two because according to the governor illegals lives are more important than Americans.

      • Well, illegal people still work and pay taxes, and if they aren’t hurting you, why should you not welcome them? Noone has said that their lives are “more important”, and remember, the USA is on stolen Native American land.

        • Actually, if the illegals are using bogus ID’s to work, they’re paying more tax than most, as they can’t file so they get the refund. Refund $ stays in the chiggers.

          • Finally someone realized that illegal people can’t get money from social security and they actually are giving money to social security that would never be able to get back. So thanks to them the legal people would have more funds when they retire because ilegals can’t have social security income

      • Aren’t you the folks who insist “All Lives Matter” while you resent “Black Lives Matter”? So what is it, all lives or just white Eurpoean native born citizens? Oh, wait, there are none! BTW – Love my governor and love Oregon!!!

    • This sounds like a conservative rag egging people on who claim to be American. I admire your governor for taking a stand again the facists regimen currently in charge of the country. From reading some of your responses to your governor I think maybe ya’ll need to smoke some of that newly legal substance you grow out there and chill out.

    • I’m sorry for the Oregonian businesses that may begin to suffer because of this woman’s ban on and disrespect for the law but we also will bypass also.

    • Amazing, these Democrats are making it easy for their bezare miss use of their power. Next election remember these radical unAmerican politicians who are flagrentley forgetting their oaths of office to protect and defend our constitution and the rule of law. She in my opinion should be recalled and made to look for a new job.

    • I feel the federal government should block all federally funded programs from states that decide to be sanctuary states and those states would have to provide all their own welfare and food stamps out of their own state taxes. If they are protecting illegals and criminals let them pay for it.

    • You’re a morron. They’re not criminals, they’re undocumented. We stopped calling them illegal immigrants years ago because we recognized the inaccurate and discriminatory label. Wake up and check your programming.

  2. Aiding and abetting illegal activity should be grounds enough for her arrest and removal by Homeland security. She is not above federal law. I voted she be jailed

  3. This woman needs to be snatched up by the FBI and thrown into Federal prison. This state is being run by lunatics. She cares more about illegals than US citizens.

      • I couldn’t agree more. And city or state that engages in the aiding and abetting of criminal activity as defined by federal law should be cut off from any and all federal funding until such time as they come back onto compliance with said laws.

        • Ok Larry go against the constitution in regards to being non discriminating against one state or another and they will just stop paying federal taxes. If Oregon, Washington, California, New York and the other non-authoritarian/theocratic hell hole states did that the federal budget would be in serious trouble. Don’t rock the boat unless you don’t mind getting wet.

      • Yup, and the federal government employees that live in DC don’t give two craps about Oregon. It’s your state, your kids, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your communities that are affected by this. Would you like to hear about the illegal that ran someone over in Texas the other day and they haven’t found the body; or perhaps the illegal that was working in a Chinese restaurant (probably under the table) and has been exposing himself to the owner’s 12 year old daughter the past year and a half; or maybe in nearby Washington where a twice deported sex offender was caught? That was over a 2 day period last week. You want them living there in secret and no one checking them out? Hey, it’s your neighborhood, I am on the other side of the country. It doesn’t cost your police anything to run a check on an alien they have arrested. They are arresting them anyway and the system is already in place. So what if your community has to spend a few dollars more to keep someone in custody a couple extra days, you cannot compare that to the cost of having someone raped or killed by an illegal, especially if they have been deported in the past for similar crimes.

        • My goodness, to read all these comments you would guess that no US citizens ever committed any murders, rapes etc. FACT: undocumented noncitizens commit fewer crimes in the USA than US citizens. It makes sense- you don’t want to get caught and risk ICE sending you home, right?

  4. This Non governor should be thrown in jail with the others for inciting public unrest, demonstrations, dereliction of duties, and obstruction of justice!

  5. Please Kate brown at least say you do not speak for all Oregonians. I as a fifth generation oregonian resent you speaking for me please don’t include me in your basket of deplorable liberal Portland and Eugene supporters. I could only wish that Oregon should have an electoral college system then I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed to say that I am an Oregonian. #not my governor

    • She speaks for me, and I’m not for Eugene. I believe in common humanity. I’m embarrassed to hear such comments here. Switch the word “illegals” for Jews or gypsies or homosexuals, why not? You’d be throwing flowers for Hitler, sir.

  6. This Governor is ignorant. She uses something that happened 50 plus years ago to say how it should not happen today. well today is a whole different era in the world. The 5 countries president Trump has but a halt on wants to kill us. Not put up roots, become a productive member of society and raise a family. Their family is strapping on a suicide vest and creating Jihad. I can not wait till one of these turns on her and blows up the state capitol or does a Paris type shooting at the U of Oregon. It will be sad but it will show how stupid she really is.

    • ZERO terrorists attacks in this country by refugees from any of the seven countries under the ban. If your fears were fact-based I would listen to them with more interest. But you are led by the fear-master, one who has a fear of germs, stairs, criticism, and his cold hard father coming back from the grave.

    • shawn, hold your stupidity. The vast majority of people in those countries want nothing to do with killing and just want to live a peaceful life and see that their kids have a better life than what they had. A tiny fraction-those that have been manipulated by religious right-wing extremists have other opinions and have thus far been filtered out of the immigrant/refugee applicants successfully. The ones that werent were from countries not covered by your ban[see where 9/11 terrorists came from]. It is those same religious right wing extremists (this time christian ones) that cause the majority of terrorist attacks in the US-only all of them are citizens. Using your logic California and Oregon should ban visitors/immigration from the bible belt.

  7. Well there goes our protection. I for one won’t be visiting Oregon or any other state that allows this to happen. She is not above the law. Why wasn’t the people there allowed to vote on this. Maybe because she was afraid enough people with brains in their heads would have voted against it. What has happened when one person can decide for the rest of us. well I guess since Obama did it for 8 yrs she thought she could also. I hope the President has her arrested for harboring illegals and has her ass thrown in jail. Our states have the right to protect our people that work hard and pay taxes to keep her in her job. This is ridiculous and I only hope enough people get together and protest this for a change. Let these liberal idiots eat some of their own shit.

    • Residents of Oregon who object to this nonsense should place all income, property, sales and other taxes that are regularly paid to the state in escrow until this illegal decree is stricken from the books.

      • So if you are saying that Republican(right wing extremist faction) don’t pay their taxes because there is a govenor you dont like then maybe all the liberal states/people shouldnt pay their federal taxes because there is a President we dont like. I have a feeling we will hurt the feds more than you will hurt the states 😛

    • California and Oregon can’t put it on the ballot for it wouldn’t meet muster we’d vote it down more than likely by overwhelming sane Americans. It’s the progressive left that just dictates to the people because they believe we can’ think for ourselves therefor they take charge. 2018 is the next election, take our country back and vote these progressive statistics out. Hopefully both these states will not see a dollar of Federal money, period.

  8. Narcissism at its finest. She must not care about receiving federal funds. Good. More for the law abiding cities. Bad for her constituents. Apparently she doesn’t care about that.

    • If it takes to loss of federal funds to stand up to bigotry, Ms. Frey, so be it. (You might not know that the DSM’s definition of Narcissistic Disorder is a fairly comprehensive description of your pal Trump.) Check it out.

  9. so your undocumented/illegal citizens are more important than my daughter and grandchildren who live in Oregon??? You should be replaced Kate Brown! Shame on you!

  10. Seems Oregon deserves the government they voted for. I would bet Oregon will sooon be having their own version of Kate Steinle. Those that didn’t vote for Brown, need to start their own secession movement from the left coast of Oregon.

  11. I was born and raised in Oregon,but now I am asamed to admit this. These radical Islamics are nothing like the Japanese of the old days, they would just as soon cut your head off as look at you, most of them,. I hope you learn this before to many of your citizens die. I was consideringoving back there,but now I’m reconsidering this.

        • Lmfao… Have you SEEN the Oregon electoral map? It’s RED! Your fantasy and delusion is starting to get a little out of control Cupcake.

          • Proud Oregonian here and Kate Brown is my Governor, thank goodness! Those red parts have about 1 person per thousand acres. They’re important to us and we need to do more for them and Kate Brown has solid positive ideas and plans for them, but they should not dictate policy for the rest of the state, sorry.

  12. What a NUT we have here in Oregon. Earlier I found out she raised our Electric bill over %15 because of her energy policies, now this?? LOCK HER UP NOW! The Oregon Nation Guard should put her under arrest. I bet if you blew in one ear …. it would come out the other. Geesh.

    • Sure, lock her up. As you probably wanted Hillary locked up. Why not lock up all women? Would you like that? Do you dream of that, sir? That way they won’t TALK BACK, you won’t hear them THINKING OUT LOUD, you’ll have them in their proper place. I give up. The world is hopeless.

      • Deflect much? Gov Brown is disliked because of her despicable policies and actions. Not because of her gender. Just like Hillary was roundly rejected because of her despicable actions throughout her “career”. Especially the last 15-20 years. She was the embodiment of corruption and cronyism. Just think about it. How does someone lose to a brash, loudmouth like Donald Trump with the entire media established on their side? Any more ridiculous buzz words you care to fling up against the wall to see if they stick? Do you want to know why Donald Trump is in the White House? Just take a good long look in the mirror. We had 8 years of “identity politics” and it was a flaming disaster. John and Mary Quote Public are sick and tired of halfwits running to race or gender or ancestry whenever they refuse to address the real issues. It’s long past time for those people to return to the fringe of society, where they came from and where they belong

  13. When you give in to snot nosed kids to appease them you ultimately turn little brats into monsters whose behaviour is offensive and unacceptable to all and thus, we now have factions of liberals who are the new, home grown terrorists.

    • Yes, about the “snot nosed kids to appease them you ultimately turn little brats into monsters whose behaviour is offensive and unacceptable to all”—all, sir, except you, in the case of Mr. Trump.

  14. We are a country of laws, and this jackwad is authorizing disobeying the law, seems to me that she and her cronies should be put in jail, but it is Oregon and they are almost californiamexico, so no big surprise! Federal funds should be withheld and allow them to secede with californiamexico!!!

  15. Liberal ideology is so wrong .vote these people out of office.Oregon is a beautiful state with bad people in charge who think they are above the law put these people in jail.illegal means breaking the law da liberals .wake up liberal sheep

    • Liberals don’t think they subscribe to an “ideology.” To the contrary, it’s called simple humanism. “Beautiful state!” “BAAAD people!” You must be writing Herr Trump’s tweets.

    • What is wrong with thinking that humans, all humans no matter their ethnicity, religion or orientation matter? What is wrong with thinking that our environment is worth protecting? What is wrong with thinking that health insurance for everyone is worth having and yes PAYING for? I am proud to be a liberal.

      • That’s not what its about liberal.illegal? If you or I do something illegal what happens you get arrested.are you that ignorant to get that.we have laws your not above them like you think like.And who gives a shit if someone don’t spell perfectly that’s all liberals ever say .

    • And let’s arrest Trump while we’re at it (fraud) and Bannon (hate crimes) and Pence (deleterious invasion of the separation of church and state) and Ryan (illegal conspiracy vs. the law, i.e. Roe v. Wade) and… and… and…

  16. People WITHIN this country, AMERICANS, the houseless, are being denied health care and as a result are dying on the streets-
    “…an infant from Iran, in desperate need of life saving surgery at OHSU was prevented from entering our country. This is absolutely outrageous, and unacceptable”
    Two homeless people died outside city hall in one week last month, refused health care IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!. Ive seen transition age homeless youth commit suicide because they cant handle the harsh life of poverty and houselessness, and this country has thousands of children born into poverty with nothing to look forward to but houselessness and streetlife. I guess that is acceptable to people like her huh?
    Im so sick of all these idiot politicians and their blatant disregard of human decency.

  17. Governor Brown only assists federal agencies to ambush arrest and shoot natural born cowboys who exercise their right to peaceably assemble and petition Lthe government for redress of grievances.

    • [email protected]
      February 4, 2017 at 10:00 AM

      These pacific states are trying to outdo each other in their liberal stunts. I wonder what Washington state will do.

    • What the hell is a “natural born cowboy?” I love that. What, dropped from the sky on a summer night into a sweet-smelling meadow? Virgin birth, or did the cowboy’s parents COME from somewhere, even (God help us) ANOTHER COUNTRY?

  18. As a resident of Washington, I am ashamed of the environment the Leftist Liberal contingent has made ow the West(and now I say leftist) coast. Gov Brown, you, Jerry Brown and Jay Inslee deserve each other. I pity those of us who are “Red Blooded American” Patriots who are subjected to the outright criminal activity that the three of you continue to promote. If in fact President Trump builds the wall, it needs to come up between Arizona and CA, divide NV from CA, up through WA and OR all the way to Canada. WA, OR and CA are more than welcome to succeed from the Union. I would much rather move to ID or MT.

    • Brother, my blood is as red as yours, I assure you. And as to your idea that you’d like to move to ID or MT, bravo. But is it ID or id you want to move to?

  19. Lady you by far are ignorant to what President Trump is saying. I want to take a drill and clean out your wax filled ears and scream “Trump only wants to keep out Terrorist you f-ing Retard!”

  20. This is nothing but liberal stooge bait. This is totally meaningless, thanks in large part to Obama. He sued(and won) to block states from implementing their own immigration laws. The courts established that immigration laws at the state level are meaningless…the federal government has total jurisdiction over immigration.

  21. I am truly embarrassed to be from Oregon. “7 county Kate” only represents the 7 counties who voted for her. What a shame we also have 2 senators who have lost their minds.

    • Let’s make it more than 7 counties. And too bad we don’t have more Senators like those we have–two guys not afraid to speak their minds.

  22. She is doing God’s work. While the conservatives have been hijacked by evil energies. I hope God wakes you up soon before it is too late for you all. God help you all.

    • Is not gods work ! Dam liberals are nuts and doing all the rioting and destroying and hurting people .wake up sheep .your the ones being duped

      • BAAAA! If this is duping, let’s look at the claptrap of “nuts and doing all the rioting and destroying and hurting people…” I assume you voted for Bush & Cheney? And supportive of Trump’s threats? And what riots, in particular? Oh, my.

        • Liberals are so blind by there believe that there way is the only way .all the riots are liberals n liberal democrats.trump is your president and he is doing a good job for we the people.Not like Hillary and the rest of the liberal democrats who want to rule are lives and tell use what we can and can’t do and give you free shit to keep you voting for them an open borders so they can get there illegal votes.liberal ideology is hypocritical and they spew violence.ok liberals what does illegal mean ? You don’t seem to understand that meaning

    • Just look at the hateful comments; the ignorance is there, sadly, in plain sight. How do people claim themselves “Christian” when they harbor hate like this?

  23. Just let them all in. To hell with native born Americans. Illegal doesn’t mean illegal. In all seriousness I believe what she is doing is wrong and I believe a majority of sensible Americans can see how wrong it is. California and Oregon both need to start recall efforts for these law breaking governors.

  24. Newsflash to the right wing flakes that will believe anything that media outlets like this print. This occurred in 2007, ten years ago. No use in crying about it now.

    • Seriously, I’m genuinely curious, how can someone be as stupid as to say, “This happened in 2007″… Read a book or something.. Nobody should ever be this ignorant… Its not fair to humanity!

      • Robert Zerfing I love the way you Express yourself, I personally think is great what shes doing. Now what brother me is all these idiots saying that there’s crime because of all the illegals I guess we are forgetting all the crimes before illegals came , a large percentage of drugys are white American also on every corner you have beggers and homeless guess what white Americans you don’t see illegals on the corners begging for money because they are working and hard to maintain their family, also how do you think half of the things get to the stores a freaking fairy people please have some common sense look around now if you want to get literal this country is not ours it belongs to the native Indians and you don’t hear them talk half of the shit all of you are.all of you disgust me it hurts to know that I’m raising my kids in a world with so much hate.

    • Yours special kind of stupid now aren’t you. Little snowflakes haven’t got a clue do you. People like you should have been a blowjob that way it would slow down the inbreeding process. Every time a liberal opens their big mouths both feet jump right in with room to spare.

      • Snowflakes are incredibly complex structures, integrating both crystalline beauty and the ability to survive a long fall and survive, in such survival joining with other snowflakes to make a snowpack. (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, sir.)

  25. Krazy Kate has violated her Sworn Oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, Oregon and the Law. She should be held accountable. Not only is she an embarassment to the State, but those “Sworn Officers of the Law” standing behind her should be wearing black arm bands today, they too are a party to the gross negligence and obeyance of law. Shame on you all. Its not a great day for Oregon or Oregonians.

    • http://www.ojjpac.org/sanctuary.asp
      The article’s author is inaccurate in saying she only represents Portland and Salem, on this and anything else. She got more votes than HRC. But there are sanctuary states, counties and cities all over the country. Local governments can’t afford the cost of enforcing federal laws. Besides, Republicans and conservatives all preach local control, and here you are bashing a governor for taking it. Hypocrites.

  26. Is this like the idiot in the Oval Office doesn’t represent all Americans? At least Gov. Brown got a MAJORITY of the popular vote, whereas the MINORITY President was a loser. I appreciate that Kate cares about people; it’s too bad so many in the state are all wrapped up in their small little lives and unChristian behavior.

    • She speaks for me, and I’m neither in Salem nor Portland. Please, Trump voters, wake up and see that OUR—yours, your kids’, mine, my kids’ democratic republic is at jeopardy with these gangsters you’ve voted into office. You will see it, but, like those who stood by in Franco’s Spain (we don’t need to name Hitler anymore: you’re probably tired of that), you’ll understand it when it’s too late. LOOK at what’s happening—not just about immigrants, but about our rights, about the importance of journalists (whether you agree with their “take” or not), the natural world we ALL live in, the economy, all of it. Please, I beg you: wake up.


  28. Time for the recall of our Marxist governor . Start the recall by contacting the Secretary of state Richardson to initiate a petition for removal. STAT!!!!11!!

  29. We are so proud of you Governor Kate Brown, thanks for standing against #SoCalledPresident aka #DelusionalPresident #NotMyPresident Oregon will lead the way together with California and Washington State to a new America.

  30. Aiding a criminal to avoid the law is illegal. Why are these people allowed to do this. I live in Portland and I assure all of you that not everyone in Portland supports this. The only reason democrats are doing this is because they don’t want to lose all the illegals voting for them. Good bye federal funding, I guess the citizens of Oregon are much less important to her than her illegal voting base.

  31. Since Zerfing lives in WA, I don’t know why he’s got his panties all bunched up over this, other than that over 70% of the state approves of this action and he’s salty that a demonstrable minority aren’t directing the will of the people. Go whine about Washington to the Sealions on this comment board and leave those of us who actually live in Oregon to enjoy living here.

    • Or maybe he’s all worried that the hordes of illegals will “take his job” from the Delta Park Walmart? Like the hordes of Washingtonians do from hardworking Oregonians every year they trek over the Willamette? Stay on your side and quit stealing jobs from Oregon you foreigner! LOL.

      • You both are a special kinda stupid.
        1st – 70% of the state does not agree with that whatsoever. I would LOVE to see what ass you pulled that statistic out of.
        2nd – I have a vested interest in Oregon, obviously something you don’t understand.
        3rd – I don’t work at walmart cupcake.
        4th – Just wait until the jobs dry up and move out of Oregon the way you idiots keep voting down there. Don’t worry though! Kate Brown is doing good enough on her campaign promises to kick all corporations and resources out of Oregon! It will be a blast when all of us Conservatives get to sit there and laugh at you fools for your idiocy. Even though, we already are! LoL

  32. Luckily there are still plenty of ‘fools’ like this in the USA…if only there were more. Instead of the illiterate, under educated, “geniuses” who put a dictator in power.

  33. Your nuts lady, and full of your own political agenda. “Look at the political map of Oregon and be reminded that you do not speak for most of us. You have basically directed state employees to break the law to suit you! Please be reminded that this is a temporary assessment period and stop acting like its the end of immigration. I hope federal dollars do get pulled and you personally have to deal with the consequences. I have something more powerful than words.. my vote!
    You do not speak for me, a 5th generation of hard working Oregonians!

  34. It’s something I don’t think is right that we have to think as anything other than one man and one woman in a relationship is right. I don’t have to accept adulterous relationships. If you are going to be married it is a relationship between two people not a person her husband and her girlfriend. Immigrants are welcome but it must be done legally, why is that an issue. I mean really what is the problem with demanding people that want to be here to be legal? If you want to do something for them volunteer you time to help them achieve that. If they don’t want to be here legally you have to question their motives. What Trump did is not unconstitutional Obama did the same thing shutting down our boarders did any of you say something then. It gets pretty frustrating to see someone get knocked down when they are trying to bring business back to our country and protect the people that live here legally. We will take in refugees but they have to be checked out first. Like they say do you lock your doors if you do why. If you are willing to take refugees into our country take them into your house with your family.

  35. Congress has a constitutional power to make a uniform rule of naturalization, but NOT to regulate immigration. The rule for naturalization could even say immigrants who ever want to become citizens must register the first time they enter. The 10th Amendment would STILL forbid the feds to regulate immigration.

  36. Thank you Governor Brown. What Trump did is even more infuriating in light of the fact that middle-east refugees are in the predicament they’re in now largely due to the U.S. Our military industrial complex, big oil, and big banks having been sowing death and destruction in that region for decades. If we hadn’t waged 3 illegal wars there, then most Americans wouldn’t even know what the word jihad means. Those people don’t want to be terrorists. They want to be home with their families living in peace. We violently took that away from them, and now we have to face the fact that some of them will unfortunately fall into line with the truly evil extremists and do harmful acts. Blocking the good people displaced by the violence will only serve to anger them more, and more importantly it’s immoral. We Americans need to open our eyes, and realize that we’re losing control of our government. It is being usurped by a runaway system of unethical capitalism. Please try to put yourself in the shoes of those who were not so LUCKY as you to be an American citizen. America’s greatness should be measure by how we treat the weak and powerless, not by our dominance in global economics and military power.

  37. Awful decision. Why is it that she wants to protect people here illegally and are most likely wanted by ICE because they broke another law?

  38. It sounds like undocumented individuals nearly have diplomatic immunity in Oregon. It also sounds like the current administration mightn’t oppose undocumented individuals (like Prince–“individuals formerly known as ‘illegals'”) from running for office. If the jihadists could manage to fly in a Grand Imam and get him elected as Governor, it would be a cinch to establish Sharia law there. You may say Kate Brown is crazy…”crazy like a fox!”, I say.

  39. Let them it’s their right. It’s also the right to cut all federal funding schools, postal, welfare, section 8 housing etc.. I say good for you Oregon show your great independence stop slavishly following the USA be who you want. Just don’t get upset if the rest of the states decide not to go a long and fund a criminal sanctuary and yes if they are illegal it’s a crime already. Thanks for your defiance please be prepared to accept the consequences much like a child in a tantrum must accept theirs.

  40. Why is it that the elected officials are more concerned about protecting immigrants right (illegal immigrants don’t have any rights under our Constitution) than they do the Americans people’s rights & the rule of law, which they took an oath to uphold?

  41. Nice Ms, Brown. May you get what you deserve that will come with it. Taxing your AMERICAN citizens more, lowering school and medical standards, more congestion in housing, more wear and tear on your city. More garbage, More crime. More conflict.
    You are NOT upholding the constitution you are a Criminal yourself for NOT obeying a direct order from your President. You are a public official, voted in by AMERICAN CITIZENS and you have failed them by putting ILLEGALS first and your fellow Americans second. All for some extra $$$? If you haven’t heard, Sanctuary Cities and States will NO longer be getting Federal Funding. Obama has gone and Hillary LOST. You missed the boat on that one. LOL
    May you get what you deserve.

  42. Jorge l parra god bless you. I see that all this comments is full of racists,hate and nazy mentality, but this people will be pigs in hell for judge prosecute and discriminate the innocent defenseless people amen. And if someone say anything about my writing! Hey i know americans that are dum as a cow they dont even know how to count.

  43. Wait until the federal government cuts off all federal aid and payments to the stste of Oregon.. Then what are you going to do.
    Its going to be too late. Don’t try to raise our taxes because se won’t pay. Very very dumb move. Its time to impeach her and get a person that represents the people and not a bunch of undocumented aleins.

    • Don’t understand American people arguing over illegal aliens.if there here illegal ship them back home.do you really think if united States fell apart and Americans started flooding Mexican border do you think they would take them with open arms…Fuck no.. We helped so many different country’s and people time the government helped Americans starting with are vets who fought for this country so we can live the way we do.if you put illegals and immergerents above are vets.. All I say is Fuck you. Move to Mexico

  44. I am thrilled to hear about this. As a Christian, I believe deeply in the lessons around loving one’s neighbor, and what better way to show Christ’s love than by helping keep people safe from harm. People struggle so hard to come make a better life for themselves, they are not criminals. We must remember all of us European American ancestors came here as “illegal” immigrants too. Thank you Oregon.

  45. Love the final paragraph:
    “It is important to note that Governor Kate Brown does not speak for the state of Oregon. She speaks for the city of Portland and Salem. The rest of the state adamantly opposes her and her destructive policies. So please, do not judge the entire state of Oregon by the actions of the fools who run the state.”
    I’ll use a slightly modified version:
    “It is important to note that President Trump does not speak for the USA. He speaks for the easily manipulated, the racists, the anti-Semites, the Breitbart crowd. The rest of the country adamantly opposes him and his destructive policies. So please, do not judge the entire country by the actions of the fools who run the country.”

  46. Ilegal is illegal, Your more than welcome to come through the front door as past immigrants have had to… If we choose not to embrace the laws or play hypocrisy and choose the laws we want to obey or not… Then shut down the prisons, lay off all law related employees as I sure prisoners will say they chose which laws to obey or break just as illegals…

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