Got a knack for news? What to know exactly what’s going on around town? Then become a News Writer!

CSC Media Group US is looking for dedicated news writers to join it’s team. Whether it’s the elections, international affairs, military operations, sports, the environment, or whatever else might catch your fancy; you can write about it here!

If you are:

• Capable of writing in excellent, well structured [American] English

• Someone who possesses strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills

• Proficient in content management and internet research

• Someone who is passionate about reading up on and following global news trends (in all fields)

• Someone that stays up to date on all global events and news (in all fields from politics to entertainment)

• Someone that feels that your writing style is fresh, consistent and user-friendly

• Someone with a knack for editing and proof reading with good research skills

Then click the Contact Link and let us know!

These Journalist Opportunities Let You Be Your Own Boss!

You are a private contractor! Your income is based solely off of how much work and effort you put into it! If you write an article, we publish it on multiple social media platforms and pages on your behalf. But, the possibilities are endless! Are you on Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc? Post it!

Unlike most news agencies, we don’t pay out per word count or article. We pay you depending on how many people read your article! Essentially, we pay better than anyone else because your income potential has no ceiling!

We don’t have deadlines or really any requirements besides requesting that you are active! Need some inspiration? We will provide you with leads! Have your own YouTube channel? Include your content! 

The best part? You can write about anything you want! We even have training videos to help you along the way!

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