Oregon Court Has Become Walt Disney, Creating Fantasyland

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Jamie Shupe & Wife Sandy: Jamie is believed to be the first person in USA to be declared NONBINARY.


Do you carry your birth certificate with you to show to anyone and everyone your “official gender”?  When was the last time your friends, relatives and co-workers read your birth certificate?  Indeed, other than your parents, siblings and the bureaucrats at the DMV and US Passport Office, I bet NO ONE but you has ever SEEN your birth certificate.


Your friends and relatives will care about you regardless what is written on a piece of paper.  And strangers don’t count.

Well, Jamie Shupe was so concerned about the wording on his birth certificate that he petitioned to have his gender changed TWICE.  Born a boy in 1963 in Washington DC, he married a woman and sired a daughter, yet Jamie was uncomfortable living in a man’s body.

In 2013 he began taking female hormones to give himself a more feminine appearance.  Soon thereafter Jamie had his gender on his license changed to female by the Pittsburgh DMV.

After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2014 Jamie became a member of the activist transgender community.  Bless his heart, poor Jamie decided that female did not match his emotional identity either.

“That’s one of the fundamental flaws of the whole transgender transitioning process”, Shupe states.  “If I don’t put on a wig and a dress, I’m immediately back to being called ‘sir.'”


With the help of a Portland attorney Jamie petitioned the court to change the stated gender on his birth certificate to “nonbinary.”

Thus, on June 10, 2016, a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge caved to the latest PC trend, making history by “legally” changing Jamie’s gender to “nonbinary.”  This historical event went almost unnoticed in the same year an American president issued an Executive Order to allow boys into girls’ restrooms “if the boy felt like a girl that day.”

Of course, no amount of paperwork can alter the facts.  Scientifically, genetically, biologically and medically, Jamie is still a man, albeit a man with breasts who wears women’s clothing and takes female hormones.

Transgender, nonbinary, gender, DMV
Multnomah County (OR) Circuit Court Judge Deemed A Man Taking Female Hormones To Be Nonbinary

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this absurdity.  Should I laugh because Jamie is fooling no one even though he may think he is?  Or should I cry because ONE person with obvious emotional problems has convinced our judicial system to enable his fantasies?  By doing so, the court has played into the latest fad to FORCE society to cater to self-obsessed narcissists.

Next stop?  Jamie is taking his fight for recognition as a nonbinary person to the DMV, to force them to provide three “genders” on driver’s licenses.  Why stop at three?  Why not 18, 31, 53?

I can’t help but wonder if Jamie, upon meeting each stranger in his day to day life, sticks his newly minted birth certificate under his/her nose.  Jamie seems obsessed with how others perceive him.

And Jamie wants everyone to use plural pronouns when referring to him: they, them, their.  Well, that fits since there seems to be three people in one body.  Sad.

Diane L. Gruber

Attorney At Law

By the way, Jamie and his wife Sandy have been married 30 years and currently reside in Portland.

Editors note:  A previous version of this article stated Jamie had their gender changed by a Maryland Court.   Jamie reached out to us and we corrected this article.  We apologize for any confusion


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  1. LOVE the articles from everyday people NOT journalists! I have hope hearing conservatism from other Americans. I was started to feel the USA was nothing but Looney Libs! We have a voice and together can change things. Enough is enough! Thank you.

  2. Yes. I have another gender for you…..”Mentally Ill”. Your CHROMOSOMES will NEVER change, you fool!

  3. Thank you for your remarks. Subscribe to Common Sense Conservative (free) so that you will receive notice each time an article is published. I published 3 yesterday. Also, there is a comment section below each article. I was hired just last month so I only have 20 articles so far: Legal analysis to cultural analysis, history to current events, serious to silly, I am an eclectic writer. There will be articles to interest everyone.

  4. I love how some people can square-peg a black & white world whilst also imposing this worldview on the rest of us. Thanks, but no thanks. Keep you closed mind closed, but keep it away from me, please.

  5. The states of California, Oregon, and Washington should be allowed to succeed from the USA to form a new country hereafter designated as “Dumfukistan”. Oh, and a wall should be built!

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