Vicious Berkeley AntiFa attackers revealed

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

Ever since the 4/15 Second Battle of Berkeley, dedicated people have been working “behind the scenes.” What is their goal? To “unmask” people behind the brutal attacks seen at Berkeley.

It is difficult to watch the violence during the attacks at Berkeley. Much of it happens so fast it may seem like only punches and kicks. If you follow a little closer, you may notice even some sticks, and objects being thrown. The attacks are often brutal and fast. With the attackers being masked and law is unenforced, how is anyone held to account? Well there is a group of people working to reveal the people behind the attacks.

If you’re familiar with any of the violence so far, you may even see the occasional skateboard being used. When you slow the footage down though and view from multiple angles in gruesome detail, you see far worse. This is where the majority of the worst injuries came from where people were rushed back to the secure triage area the patriots had created in MLK Civic Center Park.

Attacked with a bike lock

The first great set of analysis covered well by The Gateway Pundit. You can tell how much effort and technology went into it, and brief spoiler alert. The brutal attack was carried out by a college instructor. That seems to be a common theme with the footage and analysis I’ve been reviewing. There is a good video done as well, by Wild Smile, I will warn you though that it is graphic and upsetting to watch.

Sucker punched with brass knuckles

The second of several attacks of note, is also to a man that was just standing there. A man comes up behind him and hooks him right in the face with brass knuckles out of nowhere. There is a montage of footage here. I have to again warn you though, that it is graphic. It is after all, a man getting punched in the face with brass knuckles. And a UC Berkeley employee. This is also not the first time he has assaulted someone at a protest. There is evidence showing he assaulted people at the Milo event in Berkeley a few months back as well.

Ian Dabney Miller
Ian Dabney Miller – From John Beavers’ Facebook Page

Stabbed with a knife

The identify of this perpetrator has not been revealed yet. He is seen stabbing the Red White & Blue Patriot multiple times in the video below. It is difficult to pick out and watch, many different attempts such as animated gifs and 720p pictures have been made as well in attempts to identify him. Other people were injured as well in the melee trying to get the stabber, and retrieve the victim.

AntiFa Stabbing
AntiFa Stabbing

Very disturbing video of the minute or so where this takes place.

Here are the takeaways from this that I want to keep reminding people. Hi-def body cams are good if you’re going to these events. Make sure you have good memory cards and battery life, and that they’re trimming the videos in manageable file-sizes for you automatically. Wear helmets and visors that are actually going to keep spray and debris out. Always have someone watching your 6. And don’t under any circumstances rush into a crowd, or get pulled into a crowd. And yes, some times it makes sense to pro-actively hit AntiFa.

Also to be clear, I don’t wish violence on those who’s identities have been released. If anyone knows who they are, etc. notify the proper authorities and let due process take it’s course. Berkeley still has rule of law most of the time, so just let them take care of it.

Click here for coverage of the up and coming 27th event in Berkeley.

Take care out there.

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