The Portland 82nd Ave march successful

82nd Ave Free Speech March
82nd Ave Free Speech March
82nd Ave Free Speech March
82nd Ave Free Speech March

The Portland 82nd Ave freedom of speech march a huge success

The police heavily supported the march with multiple riot units every step of the way.

The new 82nd Ave Free Speech Parade that rose out of the canceled prior one due to AntiFa threats went well today. There was excellent police support, patriot support, public support, and some AntiFa interference. The mayor even made a special appearance, showing his support to the parade. He did not make it a secret that he wanted the initial 82 Ave. to continue, so the heavy police presence, combat medic reintroduction, and then him physically showing up really made this a great day.

What did AntiFa do?

It seems like the counter protest and AntiFa both were supposed to say on the other side of the road or at their own side of the park. This didn’t stop AntiFa though, and they integrated themselves with the march several times and tried to disrupt and break it up. Everyone did a good job and ignored them though. That was until AntiFa continued to ignore police orders and repeatedly came to the other side of the road. They eventually decided to burn a flag which divided a small portion of the march down a side road. This was against specific Law Enforcement instructions that they had just given to not split away moments before.

Patriots and Law Enforcement stepped in fast keeping people back from getting distracted and to prevent scuffles over the flag situation. Patriots called for people to ignore the flag and that it was their right to burn it and to leave them alone. It seems like Police saw this as a clear violation of the instructions they had just literally given moments before, and that was it. There were reportedly some AntiFa arrests at this point.

How did the public handle it?

People came out of their business to wave, clap, smile, and record. The people in in their cars are honking, clapping, and hollering very supportingly. Only a few vehicles seemed aggravated but all the marchers were staying on the sidewalk and side-roads were only being blocked briefly. Marchers even stopped in local businesses to get food while they waited for return-trip buses to shuttle them back to the park.

Law Enforcement has also been giving clear instructions to the marchers to stay on sidewalks only, out of roads, and to not go down, or block side roads necessarily. Police also directed traffic when needed. People also stopped when lights were red, and only crossed when appropriate, and let cars go when needed. This helped to ease the public frustration. This was followed very closely, and patriots kept everyone on both political sides following this instruction if they got distracted, and the march kept well on its way.

Wrapping up

The free speech marchers got free Tri-Met bus rides to shuttle themselves back to the park where they started and at that point the event completed. There were some AntiFa left at the park, but not enough to cause any issue. While waiting for the buses everyone had conversations about freedom and everything seems to go fine. There was one report of a journalist’s phone getting smashed as well, some small skirmishes, and as many as three arrests. There was also an AntiFa’s baseball bat being confiscated by Law Enforcement at the park. It was clear nobody there was playing baseball.


Here you can see footage of an innocent journalist getting his camera snatched by AntiFa, and then smashed on the ground for no reason. She smashes his phone on the ground several times, and then arrested by Law Enforcement off camera. We appreciate brave journalists grabbing this footage despite the threats and violence they face by AntiFa.

Here is footage of one such arrest, which is of a man in what appears to be a pumpkin suit identified by the Youtuber as “Luis.” It is unsure what he did, but I will update the article as more information comes out. You can see again here, the heavy Police presence. They did amazing work today and were incredibly professional and caring.

Here are two more arrests after an innocent journalist’s phone gets destroyed by AntiFa. The Police do an excellent job working with him to get his phone returned.

Similar to Berkeley, this event had initially been shut down by terrorist-style threats and a new rally rose from the ashes. It is good to see patriots such as Oath Keepers, III%, and Proud Boys willing to stand up for both side’s free speech and not bow to threats. If we even stop one kind of speech, eventually so much of it will be eroded away, what would remain? I would have really liked to see the initial 82nd Ave Parade completed, but at least an event got to take place to show everyone how to make it happen.

Thank you for reading. Take care out there.

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