Patriots Save the Day at Patriot’s Day Rally

Fight for Berkeley
Patriots stare into smoke, AntiFa

Berkeley, CA. 20 in custody and dozens injured in a three-hour rolling brawl.

AntiFa, “Anti-Fascists” expelled from the city by brave patriots.

Fight for Berkeley
Patriots stare into smoke, Antifa

April 15th started off in a semi-semblance of control for the Patriot’s Day Free Speech Rally. Law enforcement was doing a good job initially enforcing a contraband list onto Trump supporters and counter-protesters. The idea being so everyone could have a reasonably safe space to have a rally about free speech and enjoy being patriots. The list of things to not bring included some obvious items such as knives pipes, sticks, and pepper spray. The list did suspiciously omit fireworks, however. There was also a well-established and enforced barrier with orange rubber temporary fencing that was periodically patrolled. People were removed from either side as appropriate and the event continued on relatively peacefully for a little while.

Law Enforcement did their best to keep those in attendance for the Patriot Rally and counter-protesters apart, but it soon became clear this would be an exercise in futility. Shouting and brief skirmishes were initially being addressed by Law Enforcement. The threats did unfortunately, quickly escalate. What are believed to be M-80’s, started getting lobbed into the Trump crowd by some in the counter-protester crowd. Those responsible for lobbing the dangerous fireworks were none other than the group known as AntiFa, or “anti-fascists.”

The event speakers had thankfully started early due to increasing security concerns, and it wasn’t long into the speeches of Lauren Southern, Kyle Chapman, and more before the violence spilled out of control and the lines drawn by Law Enforcement completely failed. Oathkeepers, III%, “Proud Boys”, and “2 Million Bikers” all provided private security through the speech’s completion and helped to secure MLK Civic Park. At this point, Law Enforcement’s responsibilities also ended and they withdrew. This is when Law Enforcement held back several blocks away in vehicles for about three hours and lawlessness took over the city much like you would see in the movies.

Where is Law Enforcement?

It was apparent that there were no 911 and no ambulances. The Law Enforcement official Twitter simply told people to avoid the city citing streets and that protesters currently block them. Law enforcement was asked specifically about this during the conflict. Law Enforcement responded by directing people to the Chief of Police and Public Information Officer. This is as there are brutal street fights going on in the streets mere blocks away. So, with AntiFa still bent on taking over the city, and the patriots still wanting to complete their event, they decided to do what Law Enforcement would not do. Remove AntiFa from the city.

With the patriots wearing varying sports equipment but little else due to them giving nearly everything up to Law Enforcement earlier, they went up against a significantly better geared AntiFa force. AntiFa simply had more contraband as many of them were not a part of the initial event. It wasn’t looking good for the patriots as they were only able to hold the street outside MLK Civic Park for about the first hour after the speeches, getting pulled in and brutally beaten at every moment of tunnel vision. After the first hour however, of dealing with sticks, bottles, M-80’s, pepper spray, and dumpsters, the patriots were able to make a little headway, pushing AntiFa about a block away from the event. This is when the tide greatly turned.

An unlikely turn of events.

In between the peripheral carnage, about three hours into the battle, AntiFa decided to throw a smoke bomb. They weren’t thinking of the wind at this point and don’t understand how peculiar the air currents are in cities. This caused the choking smoke from their smoke bomb to go directly in their faces. They tried to hold the line and throw more objects and M-80’s towards the patriots but there was no way to mitigate this error.

Now over three hours of being attacked with M-80’s, getting pulled in and beat up with fists, and batted around with sticks, the sets of skirmishes finally came to a head. The patriots used this opportunity to rout AntiFa back several blocks and safely away from the event. AntiFa tried to enact many temporary new barricades as they retreated but it was futile at this point. The patriots won the day, and Law Enforcement, seeing that order had been restored by the patriots, made their return. A few more arrests were made, there was a march by the victors, and then cleanup began.

Here is a very good end-to-end compilation video of the event. You can see the hard work, effort, and love put into combating the unmitigated hate and unprovoked violence. Please check it out and thank Joey Gibson for the great video.



  1. This is the first piece of news media I have ever read that I can say is 100% accurate and truthful. Many many of my posts since returning home from the “Battle of Berkeley” have the same words and descriptions you used. Thank you for writing a truthful and complete observation, truth is the only way people will see what is really happening to their country. Shared 👍🏼🇺🇸

  2. I was there. This account is accurate. It’s refreshing to see accurate news reporting like it was years ago. No liberal agenda spin control. Simply news.

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