Patriots planning for WROL on 4/27 in Berkeley

Battle of Berkeley, Patriots ready to defend
Battle of Berkeley, Patriots ready to defend
Battle of Berkeley
Battle of Berkeley, Patriots ready to defend

Patriots are planning for WROL in Berkeley

With a free speech rally set for 4/27 in the center of Berkeley, and violent clashes at every event so far, patriots planning for a purge-like event. There is no sign that Law Enforcement will intervene in the Berkeley Free Speech rally set for 4/27. Nothing is posted on Berkeley Police’s Twitter page, and the latest from Chief Greenwood is that he has “warned of the difficulties and dangers of intervening in future clashes.” As already covered here.

What is the plan?

There was an invite for tomorrow’s event but it has since been made private or removed. So a new post has been made, directly from Kyle Chapman aka Based Stickman’s Facebook Page:

Our FUCK ANTIFA Rally is ON! Let’s show these Commies the Right will not be silenced. We were once warriors and WARRIORS AGAIN WE WILL BE!!

Speakers: Gavin McInnes, Based Stickman, Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy and more..

Civic Center Park
2151 M.L.K. Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 2pm

Along with the aforementioned speakers and despite her official speech being canceled, Ann Colter seems to be welcome to come speak at the newly created free speech rally. This is if the Facebook posts on Based Stickman’s page are of any indication. Also they seem to be planning for several sustained hours of battle as they talk about having secure triage areas, pictures of groups with sticks and shields, and promises of many patriots showing up to help defend the event.

Who will back down first?

There is no sign of backing down from patriots and free speech, with a similar situation happening in Portland Oregon in a few days on 4/29. AntiFa made threats to the point to where a parade that was in its 11th year, got canceled. However a new event in Portland, OR similar to this one in Berkeley immediately sprung up afterward.

The sentiment from the center, and the right seems to be aligned on this topic. Any speech that is censored will soon lead to potentially any speech being censored. If the line isn’t drawn here, then where would it be drawn? And will the patriots end up having to shove AntiFa all the way out of the city again just to have a free speech rally without fear of M-80’s, mortars, and more being thrown at them?

We’ll have to wait and see. Stay safe tomorrow!

Update 1: The City of Berkeley has outlined safety steps for protests moving forward.


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