Hours of Civil Unrest in Charlottesville Today

Patriot protects both sides. - Evelyn Hockstein
Patriot protects both sides. – Evelyn Hockstein

Hours of Civil Unrest in Charlottesville Today

The streets are finally clear in what has been a significant portion of a day of civil unrest in Charlottesville, VA. In what became a second day of protests and violence, a State of Emergency has been declared. There were many violent beatings, a car ramming through AntiFa protesters, and a police helicopter crashing, ABC News reports.


The new normal for these rallies has become multiple hours of “WROL” or Without Rule of Law. Gang-style violence between AntiFa and White Nationalist groups escalated throughout the day with brave patriots caught in the middle trying to maintain peace. Law Enforcement and National Guard eventually dispersing crowd in the hours after the assembly was deemed unlawful.

Vehicular Attack

A 2010 Dodge Challenger plowed through the crowd at one point under suspicious circumstances. The collision injured 19 and fatally killed a 32-year old female who has yet to be identified pending notification of kin. The alleged driver has been captured by Law Enforcement and an investigation has began. No further details yet on the driver’s identity, although speculation has already began.

Police Helicopter Crash

Details are emerging of a potentially related Law Enforcement helicopter crash where two Law Enforcement Officers have unfortunately lost their lives. Multiple media outlets are reporting that the crash was linked to the rallies but they aren’t saying how, or where they are getting their information from.


What began as a peaceful rally of unity and support for keeping historic statues turned violent again due to multiple AntiFa groups and Black Lives Matter. This is already the second day of civil unrest in Charlottesville and Law Enforcement and the National Guard were held back instead of deploying based on their plans for the event.

The bulk of the blame of violence though, is being heaped on the shoulders of the so-called “Alt-Right,” or “White Supremist,” which includes basically everyone who’s message the left doesn’t agree with. Rare is the coverage showing people that lean towards the center that were there in attempts to keep the peace. Even rarer is the coverage showing the violent left specifically starting the violence.


On a personal note, my thoughts and prayers go to the fallen Law Enforcement Officers, and to their families, that were mobilizing to address the violence today. They didn’t ask for this, and hopefully there’s root cause on what’s happened to them so it can’t happen again.

This’s a story in process. More to come as it releases.


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