Berkeley reverses decision to cancel Ann Coulter speech

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Berkeley reverses decision to cancel Ann Coulter speech

In a new twist in Ann Coulter’s attempt to try to give a speech in Berkeley, the school reversed their decision and “allows” her to speak there. Initially yesterday we had reported that the event was canceled completely citing “safety” (AntiFa) reasons. Then Berkeley counter proposed that Coulter could speak in September, reported here:

The university had said Wednesday that it would try to reschedule her appearance in September[…]

Then Coulter, having already made her travel plans and contract in place, tweeted multiple times that she will in fact be coming next Thursday regardless. This is also in spite of Nicholas B. Dirks, the chancellor at Berkeley, later counter-proposing an allegedly more secure location on May the 2nd. According to Coulter, there are no classes at Berkeley the week of May the 2nd. What would be the point of giving her speech if students weren’t in the area at that time to attend?

Last time, on Berkeley…

On 4/15, Patriots were able to push AntiFa several blocks away after multiple unprovoked attacks. Law Enforcement was helping at first, but it quickly lead into three hours of no rule of law. The attacks from AntiFa included pepper spray, thrown M-80’s, thrown rocks and bottles, getting punched with brass knuckles, punched and stomped, and getting hit with bike locks to name a few. Vowed to be even better prepared, patriots from the past two Berkeley events have began to come together to plan for this event.

Next Steps…

One such event on Facebook from “Make Orange County Great Again” was created within the last hour and already has 62 going with another 162 interested. They are already planning for a safe medical triage area like they had the last event. They are inviting III%, Oathkeepers, and all Patriots. They have recommendations on gear to wear, how to deal with pepper spray, and more. If I can make one humble recommendation, it is to find a place to safely put all of the objects that AntiFa throws, instead of throwing it back. Probably empty out all of the trash cans and recycle bins nearby first also.

No word yet on exactly where the venue is. I’ll update the story as soon as I find out. Take care guys and gals.

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